Cheap Doesn’t Cut It: How Much Should a Quality Website Design Cost?

Cheap Doesn't Cut It: How Much Should a Quality Website Design Cost?

Your website is a bona fide investment: the less you spend, the less benefit you’ll get from it.

82% of mobile users research businesses online before making a buying decision. When these mobile users make a search, your website shows up, and they click through, what will their first impression be?

Having a professionally created website is like having a beautiful and welcoming storefront. If your website is unattractive and doesn’t function properly, your visitors will be less than impressed.

Continue reading this article to learn what true website design cost is. Learn how much you should be willing to pay and how much a website is worth.

Website Design Cost – What You Need to Know

No matter what business you run, you know not all services and products are created equally. If you want the best of anything, you have to pay for it. Many factors play into how much your website costs.

Before we get into some of the factors that affect the website development costs, you should know that hobbyists aren’t likely to need a web developer. You can go to a free blog site and get an account to post your family photos online. On the other hand, if you are a serious business professional, a free blog will greatly hurt your conversion rates and decrease respect for your business.

Can’t I Just Go With the Cheapest Designer?

When you shop by price and go with the cheapest designer, you will get the lowest quality, lowest level of customer service and if you need help after your site is built – good luck.

Many of these cheap “designers” have little to no formal training and little to no work in their portfolio. When you decide to work with a cheap and underqualified designer, you will end up coming back to a professional to fix all of the errors. Often it costs more money to hire a designer to fix problems than to do a whole design.

It can be tempting to pay a friend to design your website for a couple of hundred bucks, but this is just asking for problems. Not only will the website be low quality but you’re likely to have relationship challenges when things go south.

Does a Bigger Website Mean I Pay More Money?

If you are trying to keep your costs lower by decreasing the number of pages on your website, this isn’t always going to help. Depending on what you need the website to do, a one-page website might cost more money than a website with 5, 10 or even 50 pages.

Working with a Developer that Approaches the Job Holistically

If you work with a developer that is only a website builder, you still might not get the product you want – even if you pay thousands of dollars! The reason you might not get what you want is that these people are not marketing strategists.

When you work with our company, we understand what needs to happen to give you the best results in your business. Most websites start around $3,000 depending on what your needs are. When we go through your in-depth consultation, we talk with you about what you want and how your website will play into your overall marketing strategy.

There are things that a standard web developer might miss. Something like failing to deliver your website over a secure connection through https can hurt your search rankings. Not only can failing to set up https properly cause problems in the search engines but you’ll also notice there is a “not secure” that displays in the browser bar when viewing in chrome.

If your website is an eCommerce site, your visitor’s sensitive information could be visible to hackers. Delivering your website through https is essential when dealing with sensitive information.

Work with a company that isn’t focused on giving the lowest website design pricing, but instead focused on helping your business develop a successful marketing strategy. When you work with this type of a company, it means you will get a product that truly works.

Whether your website is designed for eCommerce, to capture leads or for some other desired conversion, you need to make sure the goal is clear. When you have a clear goal in mind, it is easier to convert your visitors into customers.

Speaking to someone that understands the role your website plays in your marketing strategy will allow you to plan out a website that helps you accomplish your goals. The ROI you get from your website design is much higher when you work with a designer that is focused on a holistic approach.

What You Should Know as a Local Business

As a local business owner, there are specific parts of your site that need to be optimized, so you get the best rankings. If your low-rate website designer forgets to put the right schema for your local site, your rankings could suffer.

Failing to Develop Your Brand & Visibility

Your website is a major part of your branding. If your website doesn’t display quickly and look attractive, it is the same as having a squeaky door and litter all over your storefront.

People trust brands that invest in their look, messaging and other important parts of marketing. When clients view a website that isn’t high-quality, it sends a message that your services or product might also be low-quality.

While you can rebrand after you are saddled with a bad reputation from poor marketing, this is a costly process. The best thing to do is to make sure your website, branding, and marketing are at their best from the beginning. You will have to invest a decent sum of money, but when you think about the years you will be using this website, it is worth the investment.

Get the Website Your Business Needs

Instead of worrying too much about website design costs and getting a website that doesn’t work the way you need it to, invest the money you need for an amazing website. We can help you through the entire design process and help you integrate your website with a true marketing strategy.

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